ACA/OBAMACARE MYTH BUSTER: Senior Citizens May Pay More For Medicare than People in the ACA Exchanges will pay for Insurance.

One of my facebook friends told me today her medicare costs were going up not down and that ACA would not help her. So, I had to research it, because I found that rather sad. So to everyone on Social Security, here is what I found.  Well sorry folks this is not a myth.  I wish it were and in in fact, when confronted with this, I thought, “Oh, no surely that is incorrect.”   However it is the truth.

1. Throughout the whole process of ACA or Obamacare coming to this point there has been certain members of a certain party who shall remain nameless but is the elephant in the room that has engaged in destructive fear mongering. Because of this Medicare was pretty much left untouched with the exception of three things. The donut hole is closed, so those people who had to pay $650.00 after their Part D had paid up to a limit on prescription drugs will no longer have to pay that $650.00. Investigating and doing away with fraud will be stepped up. Finally, Medicare will also cover the same preventative services that all Americans are now guaranteed at no cost.

2. Other than these changes Medicare was left alone. During the past two years when Republicans have had vote after vote to try and repeal Obamacare they have refused to try and make minor changes to the law like making subsidies for insurance available to seniors. This has resulted in many seniors paying more for coverage than those who will be in the exchanges. This is a change that should be made right away.

3. Social security payments are not increasing as much as Medicare payments. That is a sad state of affairs, but when you look at what we consider to be poverty level and that the amount of money to be considered at the poverty level hasn’t really changed in a decade it is understandable.

Right now there is a big battle to try and defund ACA or Obamacare. Please call your Congressman and tell them no. Why? Because if they succeed, you will be responsible for the donut hole and the free preventative services you would be able to have under ACA. These services are things you probably have done yearly such as mammograms, prostate checks, colonoscopies, and some check-ups just to name a few.  If ACA is stopped think about what the increased cost will be. At the same time tell Congress you want the same subsidy benefits of ACA. You have worked hard all your lives and you deserve to have the same breaks as any other American.


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